Jessie J: The Swagger, The Songs, The Success

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The music world is a cutthroat industry where one needs to swim against the onslaught of a thrashing current to succeed or else sink to the bottom, Artists who do defeat the power of these tides receive the gift of a successful career, An artist that has without a doubt achieved this is London born Jessie J. Originally a songwriter for other known artists such as Chris Brown, and Myley Cyrus, Jessie J has proven herself worthy enough to be dubbed BBC’s sound of 2011,  and once you hear the sensational voice of this artist you will understand why.The vocal range of Jessie will leave you in awe as she goes beyond the vocal barriers of many artists today, songs such as ‘Big White Room,’ and ‘I. Need this,’ display her staggering control as she belts notes as high as G5, with only a guitar accompanying her creating an excellent contrast to her feet stomping hits such as ‘Do It Like A. Dude,’ and ‘Momma Knows Best.’

As well as her astounding vocals, Jessie conveys an addictive stage swagger that adds to the unique and overwhelming performances of this woman. Her album ‘Who You Are,’ is a testament of her past experiences highlighting the fact that we only live once and that we should all be true to ourselves, The lyrics that Jessie writes can only be described as breathtaking with songs that embody such true emotion as well as retaining the essence of mainstream music.

In all honesty, when I first heard Jessie J, I only saw another singer trying to follow the crazy and new-age trends that artists such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna so excellently translate to their style. But after taking time to research Jessie’s music I found an extremely talented artist with an outstanding persona and a woman who truly feels blessed to have accomplished so much when even at a the tender age of eleven she was not succeeding in expressing her passion, having to leave her school-choir because of her booming vocals. But several years on and she is progressing in her career with haste.

The you tube clips of Jessie J show the fun personality of the 23 year old singer as well as a voice that truly exemplifies the unique and exciting genre that Jessie is generating. In clips such as the acoustic version of ‘Nobody’s Perfect,’ we can see why Jessie has excelled in the business so quickly. When an artist only requires a low-quality camera, a guitarist and her voice to perform a song that sends shivers down your spine then it is obvious that  she belongs in the music industry and deserves the blessings that have been bestowed upon her.

Jessie J’s tour is traveling around the UK at present and will soon hit the stadiums of the USA, A show not to be missed, Jessie J will without a doubt continue grace the music world with a colossal impact. A fact that any fan can guarantee.

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