Interview With Hot New UK Female Rapper, Phreeda Sharp

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Phreeda Sharp also nicknamed  ‘Sharp Shooter’ for her rapid  rap delivery and sharp  persona, is a rapper who’s  killing the scene right now.

Currently living in East London  but originally from Ghana,  West Africa – She travelled to  the UK when she was young  with the rest of her family and  has been here ever since.

A recent press release described her as having ‘tornado type flow and cocky brash lyrics’.

 Where did you first discover your love for music?

I’ve always loved music, my mom was musical, my brother is also an artist so I’ve always been around it. When I was about 13 me and my sister formed a singing group with one of my best friends and even though I couldn’t sing for shit I got on stage and seeing the reaction from the crowd excited me and I’ve been in love with performing ever since. Becoming a rapper was by accident. My brother had a rap group and he really wanted a female to join in. So he wrote me a verse and asked me to rap it, I did and that was that – I’ve been writing my own raps and putting together tracks ever since.


How would you describe your sound to people?
It’s rap heavy. I’m attracted to beats with big bass and drums with a live energetic feel. I could rap for days on just drum and bass loops and I’d die happy.

Are there any artists or producers that influence you or you are trying to steer clear of?

I don’t go out of my way to steer clear of any type of music, I’m open to all genre’s and artists but usually when I need to create a new track or write lyrics I cut myself off from listening to other artists. I think it keeps the creative process more pure and less influenced.  Black Thought is my favourite rapper, I love Jay Z too. I’m obsessed with Bob Marley. Lauren Hill is phenomenal.


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

Still creating music I hope! As long as I have people willing to listen to my tracks or go to my shows I will keep doing what I’m doing.

 If you could work with anyone ALIVE OR DEAD who would you choose?

The Roots and they’re alive and kicking. I saw them live at Hammersmith Apollo last month and I was blown away. I wanted to get on stage with Black Thought.
What advice would you give to someone looking to follow their dream in music?
Be true to yourself as an artist and as a person.


 Lastly, any shout outs to anyone?

Shout out to all my fans, especially on Twitter & Facebook, and the @PhreedaSquad they mean a lot to me and always support whatever I do. Big love to Sugaroc my manager and Myles Sanko my producer.


Phreeda’s music can be found at:

Her YoutTube  Channel get’s updated regularly with live performance’s so Lock on!


Phreed Sharp Freestyling:

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