Rhianna’s Filming Halted by Irish Farmer


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When I look at Rhianna I think  very briefly about   putting my slice of cake down, and hitting the gym. Then I realise there’s women who eat cake and women who people want to eat cake off. Rhianna being the latter.

So I’m guessing most people wouldn’t be too upset if they found her wondering around their garden half naked providing she brought cake, she’s a beautiful woman who has worked hard to keep the body she has.

But the same can’t be said for an Irish farmer who had given permission for his farm to be the setting of her latest music video for the single ‘We Found Love’.

The filming taking place in Ireland was brought to a stop at the weekend after the farmer had been upset by her lack of clothing.

The farmer reportedly had no idea who Rhianna was and what exactly would be filmed. However when he realised the star was TOPLESS he requested that the filming stopped as he felt it to be ‘inappropriate.’

This is not the first time Rhianna’s clothes or lack of them has caused the star problems.  Back in 2009 Rhianna was denied permission to enter a church in Italy as it was thought she was unsuitably dressed by revealing her shoulders and too much leg.

And Rhianna’s performances along with that of Christina Aguilera’s  on last years X Factor  sparked hundreds of complaints from upset parents who found the two artists performances and costumes to racy for prime time TV.

The rise of stars like Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Jessie J have started a teeny weeny itsy bitsy clothes war. It seems that less is more when it comes to music videos hits.  So is it the music the reason we buy their albums? Or is it the sexual nature of the videos that’s getting people to part with their money?

Rihanna on the set of ‘We Found Love’ in Ireland

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