Rock’n'Roll – Gone But Not Dead..?


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Someone somewhere, anybody anywhere, pick up that guitar poor your emotions into a song invent or reinvent a riff that will capture the attention of an entire generation and retell them the story they are yet to hear, the story of rock and roll.

Noel Gallagher this week had his say on the current state of rock and roll - ”although maybe two years ago people were saying..well it’s a bit shit, it’s really fucking bad now”

People have been trying to proclaim guitar music dead since the split of The Beatles, many bands have proved these people wrong..untill now. The top 40, as pointless as it has become, consists at this very minute of 9 plastic hip hop tunes, 8 pointless pop songs, 7 cheesy dance tunes, 13 offerings of meaningless drivel and at a push 3 songs worth a listen.

We have The Arctic Monkeys, we have Kasabian, we have Biffy Clyro and although they consistently release great tunes,  some truly amazing, there doesn’t seem to be anyone that’s capable of grabbing music by the bollocks. Noel finished off by saying “That’s all rock and roll is; retelling this great fucking story. Music snobs like the people who decide the Mercury music winner will think when this band come along that its all been done before,  but it’s only a story that needs  retelling for a new generation. Rock’n'roll is gone at the minute but it’ll never die because Neil Young said so.”

There’s a universal question for every generation who look back at the music that changed there life or put simply – meant so much to them – “Where was you when you first heard….Blowin in the wind, Purple Haze, Sympathy for the devil, Stairway to heaven, Heart of gold, God save the queen, another brick in the wall, This charming man, I wanna be adored, Smells like teen spirit, Supersonic, I bet you look good on the dancefloor”?

Hopefully someone somewhere  is sitting in there room listening to the radio or surfing through music channels and there throwing up in their mouth a  little bit with every soppy meaningless commercial auto-tuned lyric played over yet another synth alongside yet another sample of a cult classic that bleeds there ears and hopefully that someone is angry, angry enough to not do the cool thing  that all there mates are doing and shuffle to the nonsense. But to pick up a guitar and set off on a rock n roll journey that will see them change the musical landscape and one day have one of there songs make the where was you when list + the abundance of riches, eventual legendary status, icon to millions, endless sex, booze and narcotics that comes with the territory is not to be sniffed at.

Oasis perfrom a cover of The Beatles ‘I Am The Walrus’

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