The World’s Top 10 Tribute Band Names


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Love them or loath them tribute bands are a phenomenon that don’t look like they’re ever going to go away.

While you might question the ethics and intentions of musicians who aspire to play the music of other (sometimes dead) musicians there’s no denying that tribute bands are only getting more and more popular. With punters going to more gigs than ever, nostalgia has enjoyed a resurgence of sorts and the tribute bands are getting in on the act more so now than ever.

While the major labels desperately force their back catalogue of semi-retired and retired best sellers back out on the road for cringe worthy over-priced reunion tours, tribute bands continue to delight and entertain at a fraction of the cost!

For me the best thing about tribute bands was always the names. The two best conversations down my local were always the top ten porn movie names and top ten tribute band names ever. Naturally for I give you the latter. Enjoy!

10. No Way Sis (Oasis)
While this may sound like an Oasis-themed girl band you’d actually be quiet wrong. No Way Sis, once modestly described by Noel Gallagher as the “second best band in the world” were a Glaswegian tribute to the manic mancs throughout the Britpop 90′s. As the hysteria surrounding Oasis died down they split in the late nieties. Check out their brush with fame when they covered the Coke Song “I’d like to teach the world to sing” on top of the pops as part of a hoax organised by Liam and Noel themselves.

9. Rage Against The Coffee Machine (Rage Against The Machine)
These guys were suggested to us by a RAGE fan and with title songs like “Our Barista is a Fascist” and “Killing in the name of Coffee” they might not actually be a serious Rage cover band or actually exist at all but we’ve got to give top marks for originality. Every office should have one.

8. Mentallica (Metallica)
Great name, great sound. great band ‘nuff said. (OK they could probably try and look a bit more like them if you ask me).

7. Nearvana (Nirvana)
Nearvana’s lead singer would definitely win a Kurt look-alike contest with the brown cardy and bleached locks. Just no Courtney to screw it all up!

6. Jah Division
While we love the name these guys can definitely claim some credit back on the originality front. They fuse Dub reggae and you guessed it…………. Joy Division. Imagine Ian Curtis stoned off his box and doing a tune in Jamaica with Daft Punk. Seriously!

5. Bjorn Again (Abba)
Undoubtedly the world’s must successful tribute band, Bjorn Again have got it all. A massive maniacal fan base, worldwide musicals like Mamma Mia to keep the fires burning and of course a tributee that look like it will never reform. They actually have three separate bands for Europe, America and Australia. Cha ching! Watch them do a sell out at Albert bleedin hall!

4. Chicks with Dixies. Lets just say they are a Dixie Chicks tribute act popular with the gay community. Fortunately we couldn’t find any videos.

3. Stillbjorn are the world’s first and probably only Abba covering death metal tribute. Sorry about all the Abba but I couldn’t leave this one down.

2. aRe wE theM (REM)
When Micheal Stipe decided to hand up his make-up kit and call it quits after thirty one year’s did anyone really give a shit? No doubt aRe wE thM will enjoy what is sure be a bumper year in bookings.

1. Peter Andrex
It was a tough call but for sheers balls, originality and pure bullshitting ability we’ve got to give it to the man who back in the 90′s sold himself as the ultimate tribute to perma-tanned Pete. Apparently he used to sellotape 6 rolls of toilet paper to his torso as his six pack and collect shedloads of cash as mobs of teenage girls used to turn up at the nightclubs thinking it was the real Peter Andre. Brilliant!

Finally some honourable mentions that almost made the cut: Abbaesque, Daft as Punk, Motorheadache, The Rolling Clones, Slack Sabbath, Nowaysis, Beninem and Oasisn’t. My own personal favourite though I couldn’t include it due to doubts about the very existence of the band was Arse, the world’s first Elbow tribute. You think about that one. Don’t be afraid to get your own suggestions in below.

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