New Music: Marcus Foster – London

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A considerable amount of  hype has  being surrounding  up and coming  British  musician Marcus Foster over    the past few months largely  due to his  friendship with  teen heart-throb and  Twilight  star Robert Pattinson. It was  Foster’s broody ballad ‘Let Me  Sign’,  performed by Pattinson  in the first  Twilight movie,  which heightened  Foster’s  profile and made the song an    overnight hit on YouTube.

Various  renditions of the track, performed by  the actor, proved to be extremely popular following the release of the first Twilight movie and received over 18 million hits on the internet site.  Nevertheless “Let Me Sign” doesn’t feature on Foster’s debut album Nameless Path, which is released this month.  Nor is Foster likely to perform it live in the near future.

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